Ridding myself of a pain in the ass...literally

I haven't touched the blog part of my website for a few months so I'll update anyone who looks here about the biggest roadblock for me at the moment. For about a year now I have been in pain due to a herniated L5S1 disc pushing on the sciatic nerve on my right leg.  This makes just about everything painful to accomplish. Tomorrow, Nov 13th I'll have my surgery to correct said herniated disc, and while it will finally be great to not be in pain I can't help but still be nervous. Another pro/con is that I will be out of my day job for about two months, although this means I'll be fighting with my student loans, it also means I'll have plenty of time for making art. Overall, the surgery is a good thing and hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon. Since I participated in Inktober on instagram I've been keeping active on my account mwalshart, so look there for WIPS or just fun doodles.