A New Year A New Blog Post

Decided since a new year has arrived this thing deserved a new post. Nothing much has changed, just carrying on with life trying to make art more often. My goal is to make a new piece a month, and while some of those might be personal pieces I'm determined to get some new portfolio ones as well. Currently working on some designs that will be made into stickers/t-shirts soon! You can follow my progress on instagram and check out my redbubble for purchase when they are up!

Red Bubble Shop: http://www.redbubble.com/people/eatingurspleen


Bring on the spookiness!

It's finally October again so you know what that means (or if not in a second you will) Inktober! I skipped last year so I'm hoping to keep up with it this time. Follow my instagram to see my progress: mwalsh art

No really, I'm terrible at blogging...

I've never been much of a writer/one to explain my life in detail, which unfortunately makes blogging difficult, however I decided to give this page a much needed update. Things are currently slow going art wise. I'm working two jobs, one of which is slightly art related as I paint kid's handprints into animals/sesame place characters but it's still a step up from where I was a year ago. I'm determined to push past my slump and get some new portfolio material up soon, here is one such piece depicting how anger feels to me. Still a work in progress but I am calling it the "Making of a Demon".

Langhorne Coffee House Show!

The Langhorne Coffee House will be hosting my art through the month of February! Friday the 5th is opening night from 6:30pm-10pm where there will be free wine, hors d'oeuvres, and live music. If you're in the area feel free to stop by on Friday to say "Hi" or throughout the month to take a gander. I'll have framed pieces, prints, and a few stickers for sale.


A long needed update.

I've unfortunately neglected my website since January so I finally got my butt into gear to post this update. Some exciting things have happened/are soon to come, the first being that back in April my four Ely pieces on the top 4 most endangered animals were accepted into a local art magazine called NUMiNOUS magazine. The second should be happening this month but until it does I'll just leave a teaser image here.

Update on Life

My surgery was a success! I feel great and am walking about everywhere I can. Sitting for long periods of time no longer pains me and I'm on the fast track to recovery. In the meantime I'm getting back into the swing of things and applying to as many art publications as I can. If anyone sees this and you're looking for art, or know places who are, shoot me an email via the contact form!

Ridding myself of a pain in the ass...literally

I haven't touched the blog part of my website for a few months so I'll update anyone who looks here about the biggest roadblock for me at the moment. For about a year now I have been in pain due to a herniated L5S1 disc pushing on the sciatic nerve on my right leg.  This makes just about everything painful to accomplish. Tomorrow, Nov 13th I'll have my surgery to correct said herniated disc, and while it will finally be great to not be in pain I can't help but still be nervous. Another pro/con is that I will be out of my day job for about two months, although this means I'll be fighting with my student loans, it also means I'll have plenty of time for making art. Overall, the surgery is a good thing and hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon. Since I participated in Inktober on instagram I've been keeping active on my account mwalshart, so look there for WIPS or just fun doodles.


Sketching away!

Just updated the website with a sketches/personal work page so you can see how some of the images in the gallery started out as well as some things I'm currently working on or I did for myself for fun. Currently working on the European Dragon sketch, here is a picture of where it's currently at!


So I graduated...

After four long years I finally achieved my BFA in Illustration last Thursday, May 15th. It was a day I thought was so far in the future that it would never come, and yet it has already passed. I've worked so hard to get here but I know I still have a long way to go. I cannot thank my friends and family and those who have supported me through the years enough, they are the fuel that keeps me going. Now the hard part begins, self-motivation! However art is something that I've always done, so I’m optimistic.

Thesis is over, portfolio prep begins!

We finally had our Ely thesis show, it apparently hung for three weeks but it felt so much shorter. Now we are preparing our portfolios for the real world, and I have so many small fixes and things to tweak! Hopefully by the end of it I'll have some more things to add up here. In the meantime I'll enjoy the increasingly nicer weather and some Hannibal.